Highpitch Early Access Plan

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Playlist Analytics and Promotion tool for Artists to grow their audience

Highpitch is currently in early access. To access advance feature, you will have to subscribe to the pro plan.

Who's this for?

Artist Managers, Independent Artists and Record Labels.

What does the Pro Plan get you?

  • Full access to everything in our database
  • Track Playlists
  • Historic Follower Chart
  • Historic Listener Engagement chart
  • Playlist Genre Maps (soon)
  • Top Artists and track score (soon)
  • Playlist Engagement Journey (soon)
  • Playlist and Artist Business Insights (soon)
  • Huge discount ($15 /mo to $5/mo)

Is early access price forever?

Yes, if you get the pro plan during the early access phase, then it will cost you $5/mo forever as a token of gratitude for helping with the feedback and testing. You will be upgraded automatically at launch to a better plan and a different payment provider for the same price.

What do I do once I buy this?

If you bought the subscription, then please email me at support@highpitch.io or message me on instagram at @highpitch.io. I will upgrade your account to the pro plan. You should also receive a receipt in the email.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you're not happy with what you got, I will refund you, no questions asked except some feedback. Just email me at support@highpitch.io

$5 a month

Highpitch Early Access Plan

0 ratings